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Relocating to Philippines

It is now a growing trend among citizens of developed countries to retire overseas. One need not be on the average retirement of 60's to enjoy a simple retired life. It all boils down to ones wants and needs.

There are a number of nations that ranks top as retirement haven- Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines. Read more

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Relocation in the Philippines

There are a few countries in the world that financial advisers recommend as legal retirement tax haven like Belize, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and of course, the Philippines. As the baby boomers starts to reach retirement age, most are in search for a place to retire. The world now seems smaller due to economically fast transportation and internet connectivity, retirees do not limit themselves to their place of birth as their retirement destination. Read more

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Because my sister is a flight attendant, I am blessed with a parent's pass for my personal use. For a small service charge, I may fly wherever the airline flies. There's one drawback, however. I must be on "standby." That means I'm allowed on board only if there's space available. Until then, my luggage is set aside and labeled "Status Pending." While the paying passengers board, I must wait, wondering if my name will be called. I can never be certain of a seat because available space isn't guaranteed. Read more